May 20, 2024

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Finding a Classic Car Insurance Quote

If you are the owner of a special collector or antique automobile, you will also need special coverage to be sure that your prized possession is covered. A collector vehicle is worth much more than another persons ordinary Ford. Additionally, it is going to cost a lot more if it has to be repaired. The cost of classic car insurance is worth every penny to protect your specialty vehicle, but why not save a few of those pennies by asking several companies for a classic car insurance quote.

You will find that not every insurance company will offer the coverage you need for your specialty vehicle. You may need to do some internet searches and call several local insurance agents to find the insurance that you need. Once you find those companies, you can get quotes to see what the coverage will cost you.

The options you will find for classic car insurance are often limited. Classic auto coverage is quite different from normal insurance. Many times the classic car insurance will limit the miles you drive your unique vehicle. You will not be able to drive your collector car as a normal vehicle. If you have a second vehicle, you may be able drive the classic if the second vehicle is covered with protection. Insurer rules usually require that you keep your collector vehicle locked in a garage overnight and when not in use to prevent theft.

You cannot buy classic car insurance on your old Buick unless it is at least thirty years in age. As the number of older vehicles remaining on the road increases, the insurance companies are getting much more picky about the vehicles that they allow to be insured as specialty vehicles and qualify for the classic automobile discount.

Collectible cars that are driven on public roads are required to have normal liability coverage. Just because your car is vintage does not relieve you of the state’s financial responsibility laws. Many of the muscle cars are heavy and powerful. Thus, they can cause real damage to today’s light weight vehicles.

If you vehicle has been modified, it cannot be covered with classic car insurance. This is especially true for vehicles that have been modified to use nitrous oxide. You will find many ways that you can save on classic car insurance. Here are a few. If your vehicle is only for show and not used on the road, then avoid buying the full antique car insurance package. This may save several dollars.

The best way to save money is to get insurance quotes from as many companies as possible. Call and ask for quotes or go online to find them. Be sure that the agent knows you are looking for classic car insurance and not regular car coverage. Look for companies that offer custom policies for your collectible vehicle. The customized policy is a great way to get only the coverage that you need and to save money on the classic car insurance quote. Call and ask for quotes now.