July 16, 2024

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Is There a Vintage Car in Your Future?

Is There a Vintage Car in Your Future?

They say they don’t make them like they used to. That may be true, but to the thousands of America’s car collectors, that is fine with them. They enjoy taking care of their vintage cars; rolling treasures of automotive history.

Since the hobby was started by the popular Ford Model T, The Ford Motor company’s products have propelled the hobby ever since. The original Thunderbird two seat coupe, made only for three years in the mid fifties, now commands prices only for the very wealthy. The infamous Edsel, also produced for only three years in the late fifties, commands far lower prices. Thus, they can still be had by a beginner collector Cars of the fifties are still plentiful, and they are modern enough for everyday driving.

The first wave of compact cars, starting in the late fifties, are economical, easy to drive and work on. For those will limited funds and limited space, they are ideal. The common Ford Falcon four door sedan is still plentiful, but the Ford Ranchero pickup, with the same design, is a rarity

The revolutionary and much maligned Chevrolet Corvair, with it’s innovative air cooled rear engine, is still abundant. Over two million were built, most in the early sixties. Thus they are reasonably priced. The top of the line Monza coupe and convertible, some with supercharged engines, are becoming a rarity. The peculiar engine had oil leakage problems early on, but that was resolved.

Every weekend, there is a vintage car show somewhere in America, and everyone is invited. You may well enjoy being a part of it.