May 20, 2024

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Polishing and Waxing Your Car

Polishing and waxing are the terms extensively used. Whenever you talk about your shining vehicle polishing and waxing becomes the topic. These terms are sometime used interchangeably. Mostly vehicles’ owner confused the two terms with each other. Polishing and waxing should not be confused because they both are entirely different from each other.

Difference between Polishing and Waxing

– Polishing-Polishing is the process in which some abrasive material is used to remove minor scratches (scuffs), burs or blemishes and other paint damages from the surface.
– Waxing-However, waxing is simply the application of protective and enhancing finish coat.
It is important to note that if polishing is the cleaning action then waxing is the protective stage.

Polishing and Waxing your vehicle

It is strongly recommended that always begin washing, polishing and waxing out of direct sunlight.

Steps to Follow

It is necessary to wash your car once in a week. It will keep your car free from all the dirt, debris (especially scratch creating), mud and other scum.


1. Take a pressure water hose and spray water all over your vehicle until all the visible abrasive dirt washed away. Apply the car washing shampoo or other recommended material on your vehicle to clean it from the remaining strains and mark.
2. Once you have done with it, rinse the car off with clear water.
3. Use cotton towel or rag to dry the vehicle. Dry it carefully that no water marks or water drops left on the surface.


1. Now use a cotton cloth to polish or buff your car but before that you need to read the instruction on the manual about using the product.
2. Try to work on one section at a time.
3. Polishing is necessary to remove minor scratches, swirl marks, blemishes, it may be possible to use auto body polish to polish them out.
4. You are required to work in circular motions while applying polish to your vehicle surface.
5. Once you are done with it, let it dry naturally in the open air.
6. Clean the surface with the dry cotton cloth once the polish is dry.


1. After you have done with washing and polishing, you can apply wax to the surface. There are mostly two types of wax; the real wax and the resin. Both are good and equally effective. Waxing is the last step.
2. Take a small amount of wax on a cotton cloth and apply it gently to the surface of the car. For best results, begin with circular motions and end up with straight up and down motions.
3. It is important to work in small area at one time. Follow the same instruction while working on different areas.
4. Let the wax air dry, once you are done with applying wax to your vehicle.
5. In the end take a clean cotton cloth and rub off the residue.

Polishing and waxing brings a new look in your vehicle. The exterior surface of your vehicle seems smooth, shiny and slick, free of any scum and scratches.