June 24, 2024

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A Simple Guide For Use of Car Pressure Washers

Simply put, car pressure washers are pressure washing machines used for auto detailing. These are normally used for cleaning the hard surfaces of an automobile, such as the metal body and engine parts. The high pressure output level of the machines lends themselves unsuitable for soft surface cleaning.

Pressure washing machines are known for their high output power. Auto detailing, in contrast, does not require very high output power. That does not mean that pressure cleaners are not suitable cleaning automobiles. It just means that one must pay proper attention to the features of the machines when buying car pressure washers.

The following are some tips to buy the most suitable pressure cleaners for car detailing.

Output Pressure Level
The output pressure level of pressure washing machines varies from a modest 750 psi to an intimidating 8000 psi. For car detailing, the output pressure level of the machines should ideally be in the lower range.

Car pressure washers need not have an output pressure level higher than 1500 psi. Machines with a pressure level exceeding this limit may actually cause damage to the vehicle surfaces. These machines just require the output power to wash away the dust, dirt, and other impurities present on the surface.

Flow Rate
Flow rate provides a measure of the quantity of water passed through the output of the surface per minute. It is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Flow rate generally increases with the increase in output pressure level.

For auto detailing equipment, professionals often prefer low flow rates to ensure minimal water wastage. Less than 2 GPM would be fine, and less than 1 GPM is even better. You can find machines with as low a flow rate as 0.5 GPM.

The reason why low flow rate is often a requirement for car pressure washers is that machines with high flow rate transfer high quantities of water to the surfaces. This results in many problems.

One issue is that using auto detailing equipment with high flow rates leads to wastage of water. The higher the quantity of water used, the higher the quantity of water wasted. Another problem could arise if the spot where the cleaning takes place does not have sufficient drainage facilities.

Car detailing companies employ portable car wash pressure washers to provide their service to the door step of the customers. The cleaning workers take the car pressure washers to the customers’ garages to clean the vehicle then and there. If a particular location does not have sufficient drainage facilities, water run-off might cause some problems. Portable car wash pressure washers with low flow rates reduce the water run-off problems significantly.

Specialized Machines
Some companies offer specially made steam car wash pressure washers. These machines can clean almost all kinds of surfaces on automobiles. The special feature of such mobile car wash machines is that the flow rate and pressure level will be low.

The steam car wash pressure washers have an output temperature of 250°F. The high output temperature enables these mobile car wash machines to clean more efficiently and quickly.