May 20, 2024

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Commercial Vans: Are They Really Worth Leasing?

Van leasing is a new craze today. Business owners with limited budget particularly find this option lucrative other than purchasing a large fleet of vans. However, whether leasing a van will be feasible for you or not is a matter to decide. Well, leasing a commercial vehicle would cost you half of the buying price.

Although the initial cost of leasing is lower than the payment made while buying, in the long run this may not be the scenario. Besides, taking vehicles on lease will give you no ownership right and so at the end you will have no equity value to show for the investment you made.

Even though, after these cons you simply cannot deny so many advantages van leasing can provide. You may be knowing that vehicles lose their value with time. And this depreciation is figured into the lease agreement. Thus, you will know how much the van should worth right in the end of the lease. If you opt for leasing, you will have the leverage to change your vehicle and lease a new. This way you can avoid using a depreciating asset.

Individuals who are considering to own commercial vans, but experiencing shortage of money, van leasing can be a good option for them. Leasing a van needs no down payment. However, even if does, they rest assured that the amount would be a low one. Besides, you will be able to drive a high price and a better equipped van that you might not be able to afford to purchase.

On leasing you will ensure that you are driving a recently designed van, which is covered by manufacturer’s warranty. If you are wondering whether your van will be in a good condition or not, to let you know most of the vans are. But there are exceptions too. You just have to check with the vans before leasing them.

Aside from this, leasing a vehicle will help you upgrade your ride to late models every few years. And this is definitely an important consideration to make if you have a transportation business. Regardless of the option you choose, both of them will typically come with some substantial warranties, covering common repairs. However, on leasing a vehicle you can at least ensure that you are owning your desirable van.

Whether or not you lease a van depends upon your needs and business type. Newbie entrepreneurs who are involved in transportation business will prefer leasing a vehicle, whereas the established ones may want to own a fleet of vans forever.