May 19, 2024

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Financing Your Wheelchair Van

Purchasing a wheelchair van is a big expense for anyone, even under the best of circumstances. Both pre-built wheelchair vans and those that you buy and have modified are can be very costly.

To compound this, may people who must use a wheelchair are unable to work or are on some type of disability, making it difficult to find conventional financing for their purchase of a wheelchair van. Even if you do have a good income or healthy savings, there are sources for assistance in financing that can lower your costs and make your purchase more affordable and much less stressful.

There are several good dealers in Seattle for these vans who can offer a great deal of information on the financing options. Here are a few resources to look into.

Many automobile manufacturers offer financial assistance to those who are purchasing vehicles which will be modified for the disabled. The type of assistance varies with the manufacturing company, but is usually in the form of a credit or rebate. It might be a good idea to check with each manufacturer to see what each is able to give you, before deciding on a particular make of van.

There are several government programs to assist buyers with purchasing. Many state rehabilitative agencies or county social service agencies have funds available for the purchase of these vans or modifications to standard vans. Some agencies will also provide evaluators to help you choose the right van and instructors to teach you to drive your new van.

There are also quite a few non-profit organizations who have grants and other financial gifting programs for those in need of a wheelchair van. One of the most well known of these is the Travis Roy Foundation, which gives grants for wheelchair vans and van modifications to those suffering from spinal cord injuries. The Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offer similar funding.

Another source of free funding may be your local service organizations, such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club or other service group. Your local social service agency may help you to find funding locally through one of these organizations.

You may also want to call one of the companies in Seattle to find out if they know of any local fundraising organizations that may be able to help you with financing your wheelchair van purchase.