July 16, 2024

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Various VW Transporter Models That Available With Reliable Agencies

Various VW Transporter Models That Available With Reliable Agencies

Volkswagen is a very popular name amongst the different motor brands and is also well-known as the producer of high quality vans. All their newest range provides wide varieties of small-sized, medium and large automobiles, thereby giving the clients the maximum options to select from. Volkswagen vans are believed to be one of the strongest vehicles that can be driven through rough roads as well. Hence, when you are looking for a utilitarian van for commercial purpose, this can prove to be really beneficial. Over the years a lot of agencies have come up that offers VW Transporter rental vans.

These lease vans can be just perfect for your business’s needs, particularly because you will then have the provision to change the van when renewing the contract with the agency. Moreover, if the vehicle has suffered any damages nothing is going to flow from your pocket. It is the agency’s responsibility to repair the van for re-use. These vans are very stylish and are compact too, but offer a great cargo space. Well, then, if you require some extra space for loading more cargoes, a bed rug can be added to the van. Or else you can consider leasing a VW Transporter Caddy Maxi that is equipped with almost 4.4 cubic metres storage space.

The VW Transporter van is really powerful and is fuel efficient too. Before even refilling the tank, it can go upto 785 miles. It is one of the top-class quality vans showing high performance during work. Moreover, it has lane change help advanced system that ensures on the road. A wide variety of models are available, which includes;

  • VW T5 Transporter: This transporter van is available almost over a hundred combinations. Each having different dimension and different load capacity
  • VW T28 Transporter: Designed with five doors and three seats, this model is run by turbo diesel. It is a 4.892 m L 1.904 m W 1.99 m H van, which has 5.8 m³ load space.
  • VW T30 Transporter: With maximum 1008 payload, this van has 3000 gross weight. The van has 5292 cm L 1904 cm W 2176 cm H and its diesel engine is 1968cc.
  • VW T32 Transporter: Comes in with 5292 mm L 1904 mm W 1900 mm H, this van has 6.7 m3 load space volume. Run by diesel, it has a 2.0 engine size.

When looking for a commercial van that is both functional and flexible, you can consider the various models of Volkswagen Transporter. The agencies who offer VW lease vans is expected to deliver Ford Transit Custom DCIV vans for lease, Mitsubishi vehicles and many other motor brands. The best thing with them is that you can lease both new and old models.