May 20, 2024

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Ways To Connect Your iPod Touch To Your Car Stereo

Just got your hands on the new iPod touch, but don’t have a clue how to hook it up to your car stereo? There are several ways you can hook up the iPod touch, which depend on the age of your car stereo.

Connect By Cable
For more modern car stereos, you can connect your iPod touch by a special iPod cable (an adaptor). This has to be bought separately from a car audio company as Apple don’t supply it themselves. This can only be used on specific iPod models that include a dock connector. Depending on your model and make of your car stereo, you may need particular cables to complete certain functions, such as charge and playback. Most modern car stereos support the newest iPods, but you may need an extra cable or two to hook it up.
Connection kits, such as adapters, vary depending on your needs, whether you want just the wires that hook up the iPod touch to your stereo. Once hooked up they should play automatically when connected and stop when disconnected. Basic connection kits can be found for older stereo models or factory fitted stereos as well as brand new car audio systems. However, if your stereo is very old it may not support an iPod touch through a connection kit.

Furthermore, if you own a stereo with a manufacturer fitted stereo, you will need the iPod integration kit that is appropriate for the make and model of your car and that is compatible with your iPod touch.

Connect With an iPod Solutions Kit
An iPod solutions kit is another alternative way to connect your iPod touch. A iPod solutions kits will consist usually of a main unit, which will hook up your iPod touch via an Fm transmitter. It does this by matching up the radio frequency on your kit and your stereo. This is a great alternative for those who don’t have a tape deck, cd player or aux output in their car audio system – all you have to have is an FM stereo!. An iPod solutions kit which uses FM radio will allow you to hook a Mp3 player no matter what the stereo’s model is or when it was installed (manufacturer fitted or after).

iPod solution kits also can come with a screen and remote, allowing you to view the song you are listening to and change it whilst on the move.