May 18, 2024

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Automotive Exterior Accessories to Spiff Up Your Clunker

Were you one of those citizens who had your clunker in hiding for fear your neighbor would turn it in? Your baby, all of a sudden, was no longer considered reliable transportation, but rather a clunker to be scorned by all. Its OK now. The coast has cleared. You can open the garage and bring your baby out of hiding, the clunker police have moved on.

Now is the time to celebrate your automobile freedom with an automotive exterior accessory makeover. Now is the time to clean up the exterior appearance of your ride so next time your neighbors will think Classic not Clunker.

Over the years a car’s paint finish is challenged by acid rain, sun, and road debris. Give your car a good wash, clean off the tar, and maybe touch-up the paint chips. Then with a little bit of elbow grease, select a nonabrasive rubbing compound and remove the years of exposure to the elements and prepare the paint surface for a proper car paint sealant. Go with a sealant, not a wax or polish. A wax or polish will wash off or melt off in a couple of months. The sealant will bond to the paint surface, actually fusing to the paint surface, and last a much longer time. Do a good job with the first step, rubbing compound, and you will give your baby a look it hasn’t had for years. Most sealants are an easy application process. Let your clunker become classic and the envy of the neighborhood.