May 21, 2024

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Van Security – The Purpose of Van Bulkheads

First and foremost what is a van bulkhead? A van bulkhead is a partition between the cab area and load area of a van or light commercial vehicle. The main purpose of a bulkhead is to provide an extra level of security for your van. There are basically 4 types of van bulkheads available:

  1. Solid bulkheads
  2. Punched bulkheads
  3. Window bulkheads
  4. Grille/mesh type bulkheads

Van bulkheads can provide an excellent deterrent against theft, a full solid bulkhead obliterates view of tools and materials being stored and transported in the load area of the van, therefore anyone passing by your vehicle cannot see if any valuable items are being carried and this can often discourage any opportunist thieves from trying to break into your vehicle. There are also bulkheads available which include a small punched area or small window which can be particularly useful as they not only allow a limited view into the load area so you can quickly check if you have a certain tool or material on board, they also still allow use of the rear view mirror if your van has rear door glazing, whilst still increasing the level of security of your vehicle by providing a barrier. A small point to raise here is that if you van does have glazing at the rear you might also consider fitting rear window grilles or blanks to prevent access to the load area of your vehicle from this point.

An often cheaper option also available is to fit a wire mesh type grille bulkhead. These grilles still provide the protective barrier between the load and cab area although do not obscure view so anybody looking to break into your vehicle may consider trying to gain access to the load area via a rear door or window if they can see items of value.

Some light commercial vehicles come with bulkheads factory fitted, but you can also purchase van bulkheads to retrofit to your vehicle which, although they may seem like an expensive outlay initially can prove a small price to pay to protect items of greater value you may be carrying in your vehicle.